This is based on Nick Holland's lovely famicase, found here

A late AGBIC entry, BUT IT'S DONE!
Worked on it every night for a week to finish it up.

This game was made in unreal engine 4, it's big and un-optimised.

Controls (if not working, try full screen)
Move: WASD or Arrow keys.(recomend WASD on web pages)
Sword: X or E
Shoot: Z or Q
Interact: W or Up
Defend: S or Down

Nick Holland: Idea, Famicase
Richard Ziegler: Programing, Art, Music
Trevor Dedekind: Art
Billy Kerrigan: Last 2 tracks of Music

V1.1 Fixes sound, adds more sound effects, game and level bugs, added black bars for non 16:9 displays.
V1.2 Atempted to fix 4:3 rendering, increased viewport size to show fullscreen button.

Tagsagbic, Robots
Average sessionA few minutes