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Samsung Oddesey VR is wrong screen. It runs in a steam VR environment, and there is no problem with control and operation. But the biggest problem is that the left and right show the same screen.  The VR screen is not displayed, so the screen is overlapped in the actual play.

Ahh, this sounds like a new bug with unreal engine 4.18, i don't think they have a patch for that.

It may be fixed in ue4.19, but the leaderboard plugin and some of my code is not supported there yet.

I will try my best!


I see, Thanks for funnist dev-rhythm game! I will wait update :)


GOTY 2018. One suggestion though, perhaps there should be separate scoreboards for VR and PC mode, on top of the combined one.


I've been refreshing this page everyday, waiting for the release of this beautiful game.

I'm so sorry! Please wait a little longer or DM me on twitter.

oh no, I'm willing to wait!


I dont have VR but please let me give you money

VR not required!


Ok good to know, but please, still let me give you money


Game of the year


been a month now... ive had the page up and refreshing it... but still nothing... any ETA?


Wow, over a month already? Did i say 2 weeks or so... 

Well, i've still got some bugs and content to get through, but i should probably prioritise another reveal video, since theres a moth of progress since the last video.

As it stands, there are 6 songs, with 1 or 2 needing some visual tweaks, but another 2-4 i could add, which could be either be fast to implement, or completely slow, so whether I add them for launch or leave them out is undecided.

This weeks progress, brand new settings menu, now with resolution options, 2 revisions on motion controll input, with a 3rd planed, improvements to 2 songs, motion capture refinements, kirby prize for a good score, debug pc grab button.

Might make a combo metre, that'd only be an hour...

For any updates, my twitter is probably the best place. As for release, i will film tonight, and plan a 3 day count down starting from the launch of the first video.


Wednesday for sure.