A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Quick little game made in a day or two,
I was pretty busy so no score counter or different zones, might fix it up later.
Patch 1, should improve framerate, fixed sound, added score and sky switching.
Patch 2, you can press P to view in windowed 960x540, bloated file size from Blueprint Nativization and opengl support (add -opengl3.1 to a shortcut)

Lyra animations, Broom, and obstacles by Trevor https://twitter.com/3_Foot_Giraffe
Terrible programming and models by Richard https://twitter.com/RichardULZ 
Audio made before the jam, music by Billy https://twitter.com/shlembs 

Spacebar to start
Spacebar to jump
Up & Down to fly.

Install UE4 Prereq if it doesn't run (split to save space)


BroomBroom0.21.zip 53 MB
UE4PrereqSetup_x86.zip 22 MB
BroomBroom0.21Linux.zip 75 MB
BroomBroomJamBuild(kindaBroken).zip 41 MB


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Love the title screen/gif… very Yoshi's Island-esque.

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God this was such a good entry. I enjoyed that it worked with the controller as well.


Played your game! Its really cute and fun to play.

I haven't the problem with FPS and my PC is very old ;).